Sweets Before Meats

Food may be amazing, but dessert always comes first.


Although I did not try all five of the brownies, I did still find what I like in brownies. So I only tried one of them, number one, because I was so full from what I ate at lunch as well as the potatos we ate. But the one that I did try, I liked very much. It was a very fudgy brownie, which was something I enjoyed. In my opinion, the fudgy brownies tend to taste better than cakey brownies. However, if they are too fudgy, I don’t like them nearly as much anymore. From what I heard, others found one of the other very fudgy brownies to be their favorite, which was number five. I wish I had gotten the chance to try it, for I think I would have found it to be my favorite, but again, I was just too full to eat anymore.

From my view, it seemed as if the cakey brownies were not well liked among the group. Others may have found them to be too dry, possibly the result of too much flour. The fudgy brownies were most likely at the top of everyone’s list, while the cakey ones were at the bottom. Also, the homemade brownies were probably the best, as well as number one.

Overall, this tasting was very much enjoyable. I just wish I could’ve had the chance to really take a part in it, rather than not be allowed to touch anything when we were cooking them because of my being sick.


It’s The Amateur Gourmet, Charlie Brown!

After reading this article, http://www.amateurgourmet.com/2005/08/my_1000th_post_.html, I found a few main pieces of advice. Firstly, you should really only start a food blog if you are really passionate about what you are doing, and will follow through on blogging. The more you blog, the more readers you will get. You also should put pictures on your blog, this will increase the amount of readers as well. The pictures catch the readers’ eyes as well as breaking up the text which will keep them interested.

Three favorite food blogs

So we had to search through different food blogs and choose our three favorites. The three I thought were the best are http://101cookbooks.com/, http://dessertfirst.typepad.com/, and http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/.

Vanilla ice cream ratings!

The two vanilla ice creams that i thought were the best, were numbers one and two: Breyers and Haagen-Dazs vanilla bean. I gave Breyers the rating eight out of ten, and Haagen-Dazs a seven. They were both very creamy, soft, and melted fast. Also, they were the ones with the most vanilla bean specks, so i think that comes into play.
My two least favorites were four and six: Turkey Hill and Friendly’s ice cream. I gave Turkey hill the rating three and Friendly’s a 1.5. One thing that i really didn’t like about either was that they both tasted very buttery, Friendly’s in particular. I think that buttery taste is really what made me not like them.
The two middle tasting ice creams were numbers three and five: Edy’s and Haagen-Dazs vanilla. I gave Edy’s the rating three and Haagen-Dazs 6.5. I didn’t really like Edy’s very much, it was closer to the bottom two than Haagen-Dazs. It had a very milky taste to it, and the ice cream itself was soft. Haagen-Dazs i actually liked, but not as much as the top two. The texture was similar to Breyers’, with the creamy, soft, taste.
Some of my classmates agreed with me with their least favorite ice cream, and we thought it was Turky Hill.

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